Make An Appointment

25 November 2018 - Indream Luo

I offer free tool&data and paid service for making GNIB/IRP appointments.

I need to work both on making appointment, development and client services. To insure I'll always have my focus on making appointments and development, I'm not always able to answer your questions quick. You can follow this article if you want to make an appointment when I cannot response you quick.


Free Tool and Paid Service

I offer free download tool (find on and paid service (find on Same tool will be used to make you an appointment when you choose paid service.


Use The Free Tool

The free tool (find on is an option when you'd like to spend some time to make an appointment by yourself. It supports Chrome browser on computers only currently. Mobile versions are still in development.

After installation, you can open the app and click on 'Tutorial' to know how to use it.

There's a youtube video from one of my user which is very helpful for you to understand how the tool works:

Following releases data of yesterday ( helps you to deciden when you should put effors on making an appointment in the day.


Hire A Paid Service

When you'd like to hire me to make you an appointment, you can submit an application on

It's a two-step application. You need to submit and authorise the use of your information (as required by GDPR) then click 'Next' to also finish the second page to submit.

I'm not always answering questions quick because I need to focus on making appointment and development. Making appointments is my top priority. So if I'm not responsing you quick on Facebook page or e-mail, you can just submit the application will all your contacts and requirements in comment. I'll receive it then contact you or put you on list directly.

You can choose either Prepay or pay after appointment is booked.

If you already have an appointment, your second application will be rejected by the appointment system. If you need a second appointment, regularly you need to cancel the old one.



There're mainly 3 types of service:



The payment is usually an online bank card payment (credit/debit card from most contries) handled by I don't receive your card information directly. Stripe will transfer the amount to me after collecting from you. An e-mail is required on the payment which would be used to identify which is your payment when necessary.

You'll see your appointment letter immediately after finishing the payment process. A view appointmnet button will show up and replace the payment button.

You can let another person to pay for you.

If you need another payment method such as PayPal, bank transfer, Alipay or Wechat, you need to contact me. Notice that some payment methods takes time to receive or confirm the payment.