About This App

04 April 2018 - Indream Luo

I started building this when I needed an appointment. And I upgraded this in a moment that feeling desperated. Even though I had everything planed months ago I still couldn't make things though in the first time.


In January 2018, I started planning everything since my current contract was to March and I was planning to go home after that to had a break when it would be also the day of my GNIB renewal. I knew how hard to make an appointment as a person who both had experienced the age of queuing hours outside around by GNIB and making appointment from the system. So I built a service watching the appointment system and to send me SMS if there's valid appointment.

For my contract is going to ended by March then I'm going to be without finacial support, it's better to finish everything as early as possible.

I made the appointment for 5th March. Not bad. And I noticed my employer and land lord and started packaging things.


But, as most of the sad story, accident happened.


As a Critical Skills Employment Permit holder, I needed a support letter from Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation for the renewal of GNIB. And they refused my appication because they thought I wasn't paid enough! (If so, shouldn't me be the first one jumps up and looks for help?)

Even though that sounds like a joke and I did had a lot of complains.

Even worse, storm Emma came right in the week next! So I couldn't expect any appeal running in the week not even to expect the postal will work to post my appeal letter.

I started preparing appeal with my employer and had to go to GNIB without a support letter in my appointment time after. They gave me 2 months Stamp 1 temporaly (should be 3 but they made a mistake by start calculating from 5th Feb when that day was 5th Mar......well.....).

The appeal letter passed and I received the support letter in days. If there was no storm, I should have my new GNIB/IRP card and be waiting for my re-entry visa appointment by that time. Now I had to make new appointments.

The horible thing is, as you may know, making a new appointment is to expect at least 9 weeks waiting! That's too big a joke to me when I'll be unemployed and homeless (you know how hard to find a room in Dublin especially for short).


I decided to upgrade the service I had and publish it to help more people with the same dilemma. The following things were done in the first week:

Further more, I planned and decided to extend the service to other platforms like phones and other browers and so did the system designed.


Then I sucessfully made my appointment on 21th March in the same day and get my new GNIB/IRP registered after work! (At the moment I haven't received my new IRP card by post but that should be another story......)


The app of Chrome extension is already a published one and you should have the basic funtionalities in the published version. The Chrome notification and SMS notification are actually finished by not yet published as they're still in test and I'm trying hard to reduce the SMS cost to make it affordable for me as a product.

The following are in the way and you may see them in future: